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Lisa  Hunsche

Lisa Hunsche

Agent Specializing in Persona Lines & Life Insurance

I learned almost everything I know about insurance and life from my Dad, one of the people I admire most. From the time I could toddle into his home office to the 37 years I worked with him in the agency, I was watching and learning. When he passed away, I joined Affiliated. I was here only a year before being called to work in our local school district where I had served on the Board of Education. I am proud of my work with our schools and the many other facets of community service I have been involved in over the years. Though I’ve done other things, it’s always about helping others…I think that’s just who I am. After coming back to Affiliated a little over four years ago, I feel like I’m home. My goal is to help you protect that which you hold most dear. What I hold most dear is my family. My husband, Don, and I have been married 44 years. Our blessing is our daughter, Michelle, who is one of the strongest and most beautiful souls you will ever meet. We enjoy spending time with our family and friends. I love traveling and as my sweatshirt says, “The Beach is Where I Belong”.  I always like to close with a quote so am going to paraphrase one from Aristotle…Every event that happens in our life is an opportunity for us to grow and learn People come in to our life for a reason. I hope you have reason to come into our life here at Affiliated.