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March 08, 2016

Today's topic is the Special Limits section of the standard HO3 Homeowners policy. These limits are not additional amounts of coverage, but, in fact limit the amount of coverage provided for certain types of property. While many people are aware of the limitations for jewelry and fine arts, many do not know that there are other limitations that apply for things such as trailers, watercraft, silverware, and firearms; just to name a few. Coins, stamps, guns, sports memorabilia, and many other types of collectibles may not be covered for an adequate amount of insurance unless you specifically schedule these items on your homeowners policy. For example, we picked up a customer who's previous insurance company provided only $2,500 for theft of firearms. Unfortunately, his home was burglarized and the thieves stole over $10,000 worth of firearms. Be sure to stop into Affiliated Insurance today! -Jeff Weis